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Balsam Fir Christmas Tree

Installation ($30 Delivery Fee will be added at Checkout)

Up to 9': $35 Installation
9' - 10': $55 Installation
11' and Above: $100 Installation

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Our premium balsam firs are grown on small, family owned-farms in Quebec where they are hand sheared to give them the perfect Christmas tree shape. Only the finest trees from each plantation are selected to be sold at Davenport Garden Centre.

Balsam fir trees are one of the 'traditional" Christmas trees. They are known for their beautiful deep green and soft-textured needles, nicely formed and dense boughs, and for their strong and enduring fragrance.

Tree Grade:
Premium grade only

Christmas Tree Installation:

Christmas Trees Up to 9': $35*

9' - 10': $55*

11' and above: $100*


* $30 Local Van Delivery Fee will be added at checkout.

Special Orders:
For trees that are over 13', you will have to put in a special order by October 1st. Click here get yours today!


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