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What differentiates Davenport Garden Centre from other stores? 

We buy our plants from premium growers, many of whom grow specifically for independent garden centres. We offer a level of care for the plants while they are in our garden centres, and accompanying knowledgeable service. High quality plants are cultivated in a better quality soil medium. They are properly fertilized, not forced for early bloom, which can weaken the plant. And, of course, premium plants begin with better quality seeds and/or plant cuttings. Additionally, we offer a wider variety of plants, in addition to the classics.

Davenport Garden Centre supports greenhouses that endeavour to use sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, for example, the collection of rainwater for the irrigation of their plants, and the use of beneficial organisms instead of insecticides. 

When you buy high-quality plants to begin with you will notice that your plants are healthier and last longer. 

Where are you plants grown?

With exception of the tropical and indoor plants, almost all of our plants are grown in southern Ontario.

Do you carry organic, sustainable, environmentally friendly products?

We carry a wide variety of organic herbs and vegetables, and fertilizer and control products. Many of our annual, perennial, herb and vegetable growers follow sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. As most of our growers have their farms in southern Ontario, Davenport Garden Centre supports local environments and communities.

Do you do custom outdoor arrangements?

At the 368 Davenport Road location, we offer in-store design services, Monday to Friday.  It is best to make an appointment to ensure availability.

Do you provide landscaping services?

We do not offer this kind of service. We focus on what we do best – providing premium plants for your garden beds and containers.

Do you carry bulk soil?

We only sell bagged soil – both organic and non-organic. The largest bags we carry are 30 liters.

Do you carry sod?

We do not carry sod, only grass seeds.

Can we order online and pick up at one of your stores?

At the time being, online pick ups are only available at the davenport and Dupont location.

Can we order plants that do not appear on your online store?


If you email us a request, we will see whether we carry this item in store. Not all of our plants and products appear on our online catalogue. Also we can special order a plant for you if we do not have it available in one of our stores. It is always helpful to include, if possible, a photograph of the plant as well as its latin name. We will do our best to find what you are looking for.

Do you ship across Canada or only locally?

All our hard goods, as well as air plants, succulents and cactus can be shipped Canada-wide. Some additional postal charges may apply. All plants and hard goods are available for delivery in the GTA area. Our shipping area map will indicate the boundaries of our local delivery service.

What if I want something delivered and I am not home?

You can contact us via email to discuss specific delivery instructions. You can Indicate that you wish to have your delivery left at the premises, and the location of the drop off.

If you do opt to have items delivered when you are not home, Davenport Garden Centre will not take responsibility for their security. 

How long has Davenport Garden Centre been in business?

Davenport Garden Center opened in 2007 in its original location at the intersection of Davenport Road and Dupont Street.

Do you have parking?

At the 368 Davenport Road location there are four customer parking spots located on the east side of the garden centre. There is parking available on the north side of Dupont Street. At 1466 Bayview, street parking is available from 9-4 weekdays and all weekend. There are numerous metered parking pots available on Bayview Avenue. Pape Avenue has many on-street parking spots. All three locations are easily accessible via TTC.

When do your Christmas trees arrive?

The first delivery of our cut Christmas trees arrive in the second week of November. For special order trees due to height (14’ +) or unusual varieties, please contact us via email no later than October 31.

What is special about your Christmas trees?

We carry only premium-quality Christmas trees grown on small-scale, family-operated farms. Our growers carefully hand-shear their trees, and fresh cut their trees as close as possible to the date they are being delivered to our stores. As a result, Davenport Garden Centre Christmas trees will have a beautiful Christmas tree shape, and will last a long time.

When do you close for the season and when do you re-open?

We close our physical stores and our online store for the winter on December 24. We re-open when weather allows, typically at the beginning of April. Please check this website for details about when our stores are re-open for the spring.