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Nasturtium 'Peach Melba' Seeds (Organic)


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Peach Melba Nasturtium | id:53380 | Tropaeolum majus | Ecologically grown | Annual | Open Pollinated | Heirloom
Named after the peach and raspberry sauce dessert created to honor the 19th-century operatic soprano Nellie Melba, this stunning heirloom nasturtium variety is slightly more compact than Alaska. It’s a dwarf, non-trailing nasturtium featuring flowers in varying shades of yellow and cream with dark orange blotches. Ideal for hanging baskets, rock gardens, or flower beds, it adds a touch of vibrant beauty to your garden space.
Companion plants: Throughout the garden (helps almost everything), Brassicas, Cucurbits, Beans, Potatoes. 
Far from: Fennel.
Planting tip: Seed scarification aids in germination. Soak seeds in warm water for up to 24H before planting. Sow seed indoors 2-4 weeks before last frost. Nasturtiums thrive in poor to average, slightly acidic, well-drained soil.
Harvesting tip: Harvest when flowers are fully open. Leaves are also edible.

Seed depth:1/4-1/2″, Plant spacing:6-12″, Row spacing:24-36″, Sun Level:3, Watering Level:2, Germination:7-12 days/jrs, 12-18°C Optimally:15°C, Days to maturity:55 days/jrs, Edible leaf, Edible flower, Attracts pollinators
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