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What is Bella Biochar?

Bella Biochar is a Canadian made, Certified Organic Soil Enhancer that improves soil and plant health while removing Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere.

What are the Benefits of Bella Biochar?

  • ●  Increases moisture retention

  • ●  Increases soil aeration and improves soil health

  • ●  Improves nutrient availability and retention

  • ●  Reduces chemical fertilizer dependency and damage to planet

  • ●  Accelerates composting while reducing odour, leaching and nutrient loss

  • ●  Water filtration/purification

  • ●  Durable CO2 sequestration

*Only Canadian manufacturer of non-pyrolysis, premium quality, nature based biochar biochar

*Certified Organic Soil Input (Ecocert)

*Certified Carbon Dioxide Removal for calculated 1000 years (1st Canadian/Female Founded Corporation in the world to be PURO/ICROA Accredited)

* 85% (or more) Fixed, Highly Stable Carbon

*Superior Purity, Porosity, Bet Surface and Adsorption due to production temperature over 1200 degrees Celsius

*Manufactured from 100% landfill diverted clean forest/wood debris

*Member of Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (UWO), Carbon Business Council, International Biochar Initiative, UNDP Biodiversity Alliance Forum, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters

What is biochar?

Biochar is a charcoal-like substance that’s made by burning organic material from agricultural and forestry wastes (also called biomass) in a controlled process called pyrolysis. Although it looks a lot like common charcoal, biochar is produced using a specific process to reduce contamination and safely store carbon. During pyrolysis organic materials, such as wood chips, leaf litter or dead plants, are burned in a container with very little oxygen. As the materials burn, they release little to no contaminating fumes.During the pyrolysis process, the organic material is converted into biochar, a stable form of carbon that can’t easily escape into the atmosphere. The energy or heat created during pyrolysis can be captured and used as a form of clean energy. Biochar is by far more efficient at converting carbon into a stable form and is cleaner than other forms of charcoal.

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