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Actisol Lawn Fertilizer 7-2-4


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Hen Manure


For Seeding, sodding, and maintenance. Helps with soil structure and water retention. Fertilizer applied in spring and summer to improve soil organic matter. Promotes the development of microbial life in the soil. Formula specially designed for all seasons.

Application rates

Seeding and sodding of lawns

If you plan to use a rotary tiller to prepare the soil, first spread 4 kg per 100 square meter (8.8 lbs/1076 sq. ft.). If not, mix the fertilizer into the ground with a rake over a depth of about 5 cm (2").


Apply at the beginning of the season and every 6-8weeks afterward.

Lawn maintenance

Apply 4.5 kg per 100 square meter (9.9 lbs/1076 sq. ft.).


15 kg cover 335 square meter (3605 sq. ft.)

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