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Bionik Herbs, Seedlings and Indoor Plant Fertilizer (Organic)


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Formulation: 6-1-5


Snow crab meal*, seaweed*, alfalfaa, feather meal*, Sul-Po-Mag*, potassium sulphate*, basaltaa and marine calcium*

* Product approved for organic agriculture by Québec Vrai


Total nitrogen (N) 6
Available phosphoric acid (P

Soluble potassium (K20) 5

Calcium (Ca) 4

Magnesium (Mg)0.9


Vegetable gardens and flower beds: 4 scoops* / m2 Seedlings: 1.5 g/L soil

(10.76 sq. ft.)

Containers: 4.5 g/L of soil Example: 1 1/2 scoops* / 10 L container

* 1 scoop = 28 g

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