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Bionik Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer (Organic)


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Bionik® Seaweed delivers a higher quality liquid seaweed product that is also certified organic!

Top-quality dried seaweed is ground and naturally processed in purified water. To maintain the product’s absolute purity, no preservatives are added. Bionik®Seaweed is then bottled and sealed.

It is a completely natural, high-quality product certified for use in organic agriculture by Québec Vrai (OCQV).

This fertilizer has a “magic touch” with plants due to the various naturally-occurring phytohormones in the type of seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) used, in addition to the vitamins, enzymes and many minerals it contains. It’s an all-purpose fertilizer; indispensable for every plant requiring fertilization!

Bionik® Seaweed can also be used to complement regular fertilization. We recommend combining Bionik® Seaweed with other Bionik® products; a line of organic non-soluble powder fertilizers based on snow crab meal with varied other ingredients. Bionik® formulas are complete and balanced.

Every three weeks, add Bionik® Seaweed when watering plants and give them the benefit of a dose of “anti-stress” vitamins.

When used as a complement to other fertilizers in vegetable production, three or four treatments may be enough for a noticeable difference.

Bionik® Seaweed is indispensable for fertilization since concentrated liquid seaweed enhances the vitality of many kinds of plants.


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