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Butterfly Gaura 'Steffi White' Gaura lindheimeri

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A North American wildflower, now widely grown across the continent. Plants bloom for many weeks, with loose sprays of white flowers tinged with pale pink. In the breeze these move constantly, looking like a cloud of small butterflies. Although Gaura may not always winter reliably, plants flower for the entire summer and fall, so consider using it even as an annual in colder winter regions. New plants will often appear from self sown seedlings. Superb in containers, the subtle colour blends easily in borders. Drought tolerant once established.Note that botanists have recently reclassified and named this plant Oenothera lindheimeri
Sun Exposure 
  Full Sun or
  Partial Shade

Soil Type 
  Normal or

Soil pH 
  Neutral or
  Alkaline or

Soil Moisture 

Care Level 

Appearance and Characteristics

Flower Colour 

Blooming Time 
  Early Summer
  Mid Summer
  Late Summer
  Early Fall
  Mid Fall

Foliage Color 
  Deep Green

Plant Uses & Characteristics 
  Accent: Good Texture/Form
  Cut Flower
  Deer Resistant
  Drought Tolerant
  Wild Flower

Flower Head Size 

   90-120 cm
   35-47 inches

   60-90 cm
   23-35 inches

Foot Traffic 

Growth Rate 


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