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Iceberg Rose Tree 36" by Weeks Roses


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This is the tree/ standard form of the iceberg rose.

Of the top ten roses of the world and the best landscape white around, Iceberg is extremely disease resistant, vigorous and floriferous. The long pointed buds and crisp white flowers are borne in great profusion with the least of care. The bushy rounded plant is robed in dark green foliage. Great for hedges. Hardy & floriferous. Best in mass planting. 

  • Class: Floribunda
  • Plant Habit: Medium-tall
  • Foliage Color: Dark green
  • Flower Color: Ice white
  • Bud Form: Long, pointed
  • Flower Size: Medium
  • Flower Form: in clusters
  • Petal Count: 20-25
  • Parentage: Robin Hood x Virgo
  • Hybridizer: Reimer Kordes
  • Intro Year: 1958

      Photo © Weeks Roses

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