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Miscanthus sinensis 'Bandwidth' (Japanese Silver Grass)

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Also known as Japanese Silver Grass, there are many selections now available, all providing a wonderful fall display of showy plumes that remain attractive all winter. This variety has broad, bright gold bands running along the length of rich, green leaf blades. Useful as a specimen, in the border, or for mass planting. Cut back to 4 inches in late winter or early spring. Clumps may be divided in spring before new growth appears. Miscanthus has escaped cultivation in some areas of North America, leading to concern about invasiveness. Although no jurisdictions have banned the landscape use of Miscanthus sinensis cultivars, they have been placed on ‘do not plant’ lists in some regions. We recommend gardeners should only plant cultivars (never the straight species) in managed gardens or landscapes where they can be watched and controlled for self seeding. Miscanthus is cross-pollinated, it requires two or more cultivars or species to set seed.

 Photo: Darwin Perennials

USDA Zones: 5-9

Sun Exposure
  Full Sun or
  Partial Shade

Soil Type
  Normal or
  Sandy or

Soil pH
  Neutral or
  Alkaline or

Soil Moisture
  Average or

Care Level

Blooming Time
  Early Fall
  Mid Fall
  Late Fall

Foliage Color

Plant Uses & Characteristics
  Accent: Good Texture/Form
  Deer Resistant
  Rabbit Resistant

Flower Head Size
  Very Large

   75-90 cm
   29-35 inches

   75-90 cm
   29-35 inches

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