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Phlox subulata 'Purple Beauty' (Moss Phlox)

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There are many selections of Moss Phlox, all of them forming a low mound or cushion of dark green needle-like leaves, smothered by tiny flowers in late spring. This variety produces a showy display of starry light purple flowers lasting for weeks. Medium-fast growth rate. Clip plants lightly immediately after blooming to encourage a dense habit. Wonderful in the sunny rock garden, for edging, and in mixed containers. Clumps may be ripped apart and divided in early fall, after 3 to 4 years. Requires good drainage. Drought tolerant, once established.

 USDA Zones: 3-8

Sun Exposure 
  Full Sun

Soil Type 
  Normal or

Soil pH 
  Neutral or
  Alkaline or

Soil Moisture 

Care Level 

Flower Colour 

Blooming Time 
  Mid Spring  
  Late Spring 

Foliage Color 
  Deep Green 

Plant Uses & Characteristics 
  Alpine & Rock  
  Drought Tolerant  
  Ground Cover  
  Wild Flower 

Flower Head Size 
  Very Small 

   5-10 cm  
   2-4 inches

   15-25 cm  
   6-10 inches

Foot Traffic 

Growth Rate 


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