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Rhubarb Seeds (Organic)


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Glaskins Perpetual Garden Rhubarb | Rheum rhabarbarum | Ecologically grown | Perennial | Open Pollinated | Heirloom
English heritage. Extended harvest window & early maturity. It has a low oxalic acid level, which makes it tangy but not bitter. If it gets off to a strong indoor start, it can be harvested (late) during the 1st growing season. The 12-14″ long, thick, succulent stems are mostly pink and green in colour with occasional red marks. Loves rich, healthy, well-drained soil.
Planting tip: Sow seeds indoors 1″ deep in early spring and transplant or direct sow about 8 weeks after last frost date.
Harvesting tip: Harvesting should be avoided the 1st year. After 1 yr of uninterrupted growth, cut the tart red stalks in April. The leaves should not be eaten. Stalks can be harvested in bulk or selectively as needed. Selective harvest promotes root health & robustness.
Storage tip: Trim any extra leaves before storing in the refrigerator. Let air circulate and let out ethylene gas. Can also be kept in an airtight container, however doing so may result in less crisp, overripe rhubarb.

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