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Rosemary Seeds (Organic)


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Rosemary | id:50964 | Salvia rosmarinus | Ecologically grown | Annual/Perennial | Open Pollinated
A herb with strong & rich aroma. Rosemary has stiff stems with crisp, fir-like leaves. Dried Rosemary is stronger in smell when crushed as compared to fresh leaves.
Companion plants: Carrots, Beans, Brassicas, Sage. 
Far from: Tomato.
Planting tip: Seed stratification is required for 2-6 weeks. Sow them indoor 8-10 weeks before last frost. Naturally slow growers and have low germination rate. In our zone 5a, bring rosemary inside for the winter, replant in a bigger container. Thrives in sunny spot.
Harvesting tip: Entire branches from the plant can be harvested. Best to dry indoors, hanging upside down in some airy place free from direct sunlight.
Storage tip: The leaves can be removed after drying and kept in airtight containers. They continue to smell good for many months.

Seed depth:1/8″, Plant spacing:18-24″, Row spacing:24-36″, Sun Level:3, Watering Level:2, Germination:15-21 d/j, 27-32°C Optimally:30°C, Days to maturity:85 days/jrs, Edible flower

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