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Solomon's Seal (Polygonatum) - Green or Variegated Varieties

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  • The graceful, arching stems of Solomon's Seal add an exotic touch to the shade garden and are often described as being architectural. This selection has green, or variegated leaves streaked with creamy-white, and dangling white bell flowers in late spring.

    Mature Height: 2"
    Bloom Period: Late Spring to Early Summer
    Sun Exposure: í_í_í‰Full Shade to Part Sun

    Native plant. Best in woodland gardens, wild gardens, naturalized areas or native plant garden. Plants are a little slow to establish, but clumps are long-lived and carefree. May be divided in early fall, once clumps are large enough.

  • í_í_í‰Sun Exposure: í_í_í‰Patrial Shade or Full SHade
    Soil Type: í_í_í‰Clay
    Soil pH: í_í_í‰Neutral orAlkaline orAcid
    í_í_í‰í_í_í‰Soil Moisture: Moist
    Care Level:í_í_í‰Easy
  • Flower Colour: White
    Foliage Colour: Early Summer, Late Summer
    Foliage Colour: Deep Green, Variegated, White
  • Accent:

    Good Texture/Form
    Alpine & Rock
    Cut Flower
    Deer Resistant
    Rabbit Resistant Fragrant

    Flower Head Size: Large
    Height:60cm - 70cm / 23" - 27"
    Spread:í_í_í‰ 45cm - 60cm / 18" - 23"
    Foot Traffic:None
    Growth Rate: í_í_í‰Slow

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