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Volcanic Minerals Plus 0.10- 0.18 -0.13


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To enrich and remineralize soil. Natural soil conditioner that contains a wide variety of minerals mined from an ancient magmatic deposit in northeaster Ontario. Pet friendly, and will not burn plants at application.

Increases the nutrient and health-giving value of all that farms and gardens produce for human and livestock consumption (including vegetables, fruits and forage

Recognized as a superior, organically approved input into ornamental, allotment and community gardens across Ontario (remove the period) Suggest

Organically approved and recognized as superior for soil remediation and plant growth in all gardens

EXTREMELY REACTIVE – benefits result from first application — weathers to sand in just 3 years

Combats aluminum, acidification and other soil toxicities resulting from chemical fertilizer application

Enhances plant/microbial/mineralogical interactions resulting in soil restoration and better utilization of natural solid minerals