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Sunflower 'Incredible Dwarf' Seeds (Organic)


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ncredible Dwarf Sunflower | id:50339 | Helianthus annuus | Ecologically grown | Annual | Open Pollinated | Heirloom
The ideal fusion of stunning blooms and controllable size.  Incredible Dwarf Sunflower’s size is perfect for container planting, and it has a huge presence for its dwarf size 30-40 inches tall, and the yellow flowers can be up to 9 inches across. Leave the seed heads on the blooms after they have finished blooming for seed-eating birds including goldfinches, cardinals, chickadees, and jays. Keep at least 12″ from all other plants (impedes their growth).
Companion plants: Bush beans, Squash, Cucumber, Corn, Lettuce, Any plant with aphids. 
Far from: Potato.
Planting tip: Soaking in warm water for up to 12H is recommended for improved germination. Direct sow outdoors end of May.
Harvesting tip: Harvest when seed heads dry on their stems. Put a brown bag over the flower to secure it away from squirrels and birds.

Seed depth:1/2″ Direct, Plant spacing:8-12″, Row spacing:12″, Sun Level:3, Watering Level:3, Germination:10-14 d/j, 15°C Optimally:23°C, Days to maturity:70 days/jrs, Edible flower, Attracts pollinators


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